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LET’S BE REAL, WHEN YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO BE WRONG! We live at a time when Internet marketers spend a great deal of time in crafting advertorial sales letters that are page after page in length, trying desperately to convince the gullible of the merits of their products. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of self-defense, exercise, and fat loss. You know what I’m talking about. Those never-ending Internet marketing letters and ads of endorsers that are oftentimes more fictional than comic book characters—all claiming to have secret infallible methods. In self-defense, they claim to have secret methods for disarming dangerous individuals while protecting potential victims in every situation. Well, Frankly, That’s All Hype and No Substance. How do I know? Because like thousands of you reading this letter, I have purchased more of those programs than I care to count or even admit. I’ve got the books and the DVDs, and I’ve attended many of the seminars. I can tell you without a doubt that THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE “REAL WORLD” GUN-DISARMING TECHNIQUES TAUGHT IN SELF-DEFENSE SCHOOLS WILL IN ALL LIKELIHOOD GET YOU KILLED, regardless of who is teaching it. And the proof I have behind this assertion is found on Larry Wick’s Live Fire DVD. Larry provides a firsthand demonstration of what will really happen if you employ the methods that are routinely taught in many of the books, DVDs, and self-defense seminars. He shows exactly what happens to your hand when you grab a handgun as it fires or when your head is next to a shotgun as it goes off. This definitive self-defense DVD is like nothing anyone has ever seen. There is nothing hypothetical here . . . no smoke and mirrors. It’s the real deal, and it’s done using real live fire. Granted, what is shown is very disturbing. You’ll see precisely why the vast majority of what is currently being taught by many so-called experts will get you killed, maimed, or blinded—take your pick. Wick also provides practical self-defense moves that are designed on principles that allow you to instantly apply and take out your opponent in a Split Second. So if you want to know the truth about real-world self-defense against real-world firearms with nothing hypothetical thrown in, you owe yourself Larry Wick’s Live Fire DVD Because, in truth, SOMETIMES IT’S THE MISTAKE YOU DON’T MAKE THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. This may be the most important DVD you EVER watch! Approximate Time: 31 minutes DVD Cost: $59.95