Split Second Survival FIRST STRIKE Self-Defense DVD

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Split Second Survival FIRST STRIKE Self-Defense DVD First Strike is a unique street survival concept that is devastatingly effective. It is unique in that it strips away everything that is superfluous, which leaves a program that is based on speed, simplicity and decisive results. As with First Cut and First Shot, the First Strike DVD is tempered around one core principle, EVERYTHING MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED IN ONE SECOND OR LESS! It is the vicious application of this principle that leads the development of all techniques used in the SSS series. Many techniques that were otherwise viable were rejected out-of-hand because they did not meet the one-second rule. First Strike has no martial arts in the program, not because these techniques can't be effective but because they cannot be worked in the SSS one-second mantra. First Strike employs no kicks, joint locks, pressure points, or punching. The First Strike concept focuses on devastating open hand techniques and utilizes an attackers own body's natural reflexes to achieve dramatic closure to a street survival situation. First Strike will not allow you to focus on one attacker, but makes you aware of multiple attackers and weapons. As in all the SSS series First Strike gives you the mindset and corresponding techniques that let you use your attacker as a shield, and their weapons against each other. To a person trained in the martial arts it may be uncomfortable to rely on something new, but before long First Strike will be a primary tool for actual street survival. For the person with no training or survival skills, welcome to a world where you no longer have to be a victim and where survival is in your hands, the world of Split Second Survival.