Isometric Power Belt

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The NEW Living Strength POWER BELT Training System

On October 25th of 2018, I celebrated my 66th birthday. After the party my close friend, Dave Koechel, whom I have known for more than 52 years, asked me, “How long do you think you’ll stay like this?” “Like what?” I asked. “C’mon” he said. “You look harder now than you did 50 years ago.” I smiled and responded, “Until I die,” and I was serious...

It’s TRUE! I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I have discovered the ultimate training system for maintaining lifelong strength and youthfulness while at the same time dramatically enhancing my testosterone and HGH levels. In addition, I spend only a fraction of the time, I used to spend working out, and I feel totally energized and not depleted from my workouts. Best of all, I have lowered my blood pressure to an average reading of 112/68 and my pulse rate to 52 BPM and have maintained these readings for more than four years.


HERE’S THE DEAL. With the Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System, you can strengthen and sculpt any given muscle in your entire body from your neck to your toes at any given angle you choose. This by the way, “the angle of contraction” is the secret to developing your physique to the maximum just as you would if you were using barbells, dumbbells, and machines as you push, pull, and contract your muscles to their absolute lim- it of strength and development and do so in complete safety without fear

of having a heavy weight come crashing down on you when you reach the point of momentary muscular fatigue. Whether you’re performing presses, curls, bench presses, squats, leg extensions, or maximum contraction dead lifts,t NOTHING IS SAFER AND NOTHING IS EVEN REMOTELY AS EFFICIENT. Better still, even though you can and will go to the absolute limit of your contractile strength (which is necessary to do in order to stimulate youthful hormone production), there is absolutely no fear of compression or trauma caused by concentration and amplification of gravity to the discs and vertebrae of your lower spine. That’s because the Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System does not rely on gravity (weight) in order to achieve intense and maximum muscular contraction. Instead, the constant effort to apply still greater force from 6 to 12 seconds teaches the mind and the muscle to work together in recruiting the maximum number of muscle fibers for any given exertion. The fact is, there is not a safer method of achieving maximized strength and physique or efficiently stimulating youthful hormone production than can be accomplished with “The Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System. That is why I personally refer to it in my seminars as the “All Gain-No Pain Training System”. It puts Super Lifelong Strength and Fitness at your fingertips and takes away every excuse for not having the time or the equipment YOU need to be in the best shape of your life.