Power Wheel

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What does it train? Your abs, obliques, lower back, hips, thighs, glutes, chest, arms, hamstrings, and calves. Who uses it? All people who want to dramatically improve core strength and performance power. How does it work? It strengthens the weakest area of your body, your core (the area of your body that holds the upper & lower body together). The POWER WHEEL forces the core of your body to adapt to dynamic contractions and stabilizations on every exercise, this dramatically improves your core strength, balance, and power! This patented means of training is NOT attainable through any other means of training. * Improved core strength increases usable strength, power, and stability in the upper & lower body. * Balances your entire core (abs, obliques, and lower back) while you perform upper body jumps, runs, and lateral movements or flip over and do crab walks and hamstring curls (increases hamstring, gluteus, and lower back strength and power). * It's easy on / off capabilities make it great for prone and/or supine exercises. * The first and only true tester and trainer of upper body power on the market! * Check out power with distance jumps, 10 yard sprints, and agility tests. Includes: * Power Wheel with 2 foot plates with velcro tighteners (for toes) and latex ring tighteners (for heels) * Instruction manual and DVD for advanced workouts by fitness expert Jon Hinds, CSCS, CPT, NASM, former strength coach of the LA Clippers