Balance of Power

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In the quest for “Maximized Functional Strength and Fitness,” nothing proves that you have achieved it more readily or more completely than mastering the Art of Hand Balancing. It not only proves that your muscles are not just useless bulk, it proves that you are the complete master of yourself—that you have self-confidence, self-control, and are absolutely fearless. Simply put, no exercise or feat of muscular strength and control is more beautiful, more symmetrical, more eye-pleasing, more attention-grabbing, or more universally admired than the handstand. No feat of strength and balance is more indicative of highly developed neuromuscular coordination, controlled strength and power, and skillful daring than the handstand. And no stunt is more satisfying to do, more impressive to watch, or more widely performed than the handstand. So what are you waiting for? In Balance of Power, you will find everything you need to master the Art of Hand Balancing. Every exercise needed to develop, master, and achieve complete neuromuscular strength and coordination is contained within its pages. In fact, the only thing you have to supply is the Guts and Determination to follow through and make it happen. You supply that. I’ve supplied the rest. Now make it happen.