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The first thing you will notice when you receive The Bronze Bow Isometric Power Belt is that we used Kevlar reinforced webbing to produce the World's Strongest and most portable Isometric Exerciser (it cost us more than twice as much as standard webbing material but we weren't interested in short cuts or less than stellar quality) . NO JOKE. It's been tested to over 4,000 pounds and is even bullet proof! And NO, We're not joking about that either. This is the same stuff used in making bullet proof vests. In fact, we literally had this manufactured for us by a company that manufactures specialty harnesses for the Professional Rodeo Circuit. And as Howie, the manufacturer stated when I asked him if he was sure it would strong enough, He said, " C'mon John, I use this stuff to make harnesses for Bull Riders. Now you tell me if it's gonna be strong enough." To which I replied, "You know, you made a good point there." Seriously guys, even Super Man couldn't break this stuff (but that doesn't mean Steve Justa won't try.)

In fact, if Alexander Zass were alive today I'm certain that he would be using exactly the same material to create his exercisers. That's how strong and durable this is. Not only that, but Professor James Baley, whose exact design specifications we have followed made the following statement in his book, "Illustrated Guide To Developing Athletic Strength, Power, and Agility".

"The author has designed a series of Isometric exercises in which a web belt 1-3/4" by eighteen feet long is utilized. The belt is stabilized against body parts or objects. A considerably greater variety of exercises are possible than can be done with Barbells and Dumbbells.
There is also a considerable saving in both time and money. The cost of the belt is insignificant in comparison to the cost of a barbell set or universal gym. The same results can be achieved in a twenty-five minute session with the isometric belt as in a two hour session with barbells."

One great thing to remember, is that because there is absolutely no weight involved in using the Isometric Power Belt it makes it possible for you to go to your absolute limit of strength safely without any of the potential side effects to joints, tendons, and ligaments caused by compression that would be likely to happen if you were using heavy weights taken to your absolute limit in strength. Not only that, but properly implemented it will strengthen tendons as nothing else can in exactly the same way that Alexander Zass stated his Isometric exercises would do. This is because you will be holding each contraction at any given point within any given range of motion for six ultra intense seconds and even longer when performing "Aerobic Isometrics" ( Thats a great term that Justa came up with.)

Which brings up a final point. In truth there are more than a hundred and twenty Isometric Contractions that one can do with the Isometric Power Belt as presented in the instructions but since you're doing maximum intensity contractions of six seconds each I seriously doubt if anyone is going to do more than 30 or 40 at most in any given workout. I know that I'm in awesome shape and I never do more than 24 total contractions(eight exercises in three positions each) in any given ultra intense Isometric Power Belt Workout which I do twice each week for a total of 20 to 25 minutes. Someone else may be able to do more but I'm telling you what I can do. To push my self beyond that point more than twice each week(actually less than that, once every fourth day) would be too taxing to my central nervous system and I'd set myself back. I know because I have documented it and proved it to myself(and once again, these are all out contractions). Naturally, if you are not going all out, and using it on the intervening days like I do for "Aerobic Isometrics" like Steve Justa advocates you could train daily or even do so by training different muscle groups every day. Bottom line: you will be amazed at the variety of ways from super intense contractions to Aerobic Iso's and everything in between that you will be able to do with this Isometric Power Belt Exerciser.

---John Peterson

Belt Dimensions:

2" wide 211" (17'7") long, 2"x2" nickle-plated buckle