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Jim Forystek’s Powerflex system delivers the maximum in physical fitness, dynamic good health, and a perfectly sculpted body, while energizing every cell in your body with vitality and vigor. Best of all, it requires no weight, no gym, no equipment—just your own effort and motivation.

You’ll never experience another boring workout that simply burns you out and makes you hurt wherever you have a joint. Instead, you’ll learn how to use and maximize the latent strength in your own body to create the physique and vibrant health your Creator intended for you.

Divided into eight weekly workouts of five exercises, Powerflex shows you how to:

  • Build and shape a powerful, perfectly muscled chest.
  • Develop strong, rippling washboard abs that draw attention on every beach.
  • Maintain a healthy, energetic, flexible spine for lifelong youthfulness.
  • Create a firm, strong neck that projects confidence and personal magnetism.
  • Sculpt a beautifully developed V-shaped back.
  • Build strong, attractive, tireless legs that can always go the distance.
  • Create well-rounded, powerful shoulders.
  • Develop awesome, perfectly shaped arms that never tire.
Plus, Powerflex gives you five special speed, energy, and endurance workouts that will maximize and enhance your performance abilities!

Powerflex shows you the same techniques Jim Forystek personally used to transform himself and his sons, Jim and John, into the amazing specimens pictured throughout the exercises of this book. This may be the most exciting strength and fitness manual you’ll ever own.