Your Guardian Angel's Gift

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We’ve all faced them—those moments when adversity seems to overwhelm us or someone we love. Perhaps it was the diagnosis of a serious illness, the loss of a loved one, or even the loss of employment. Feelings of hopelessness and fear seized us. But soon we called on something held deeply in the heart of every person: the will to live and to help others live, too.

In her work with individuals and families dealing with adversity, author Christine Clifford found that one theme stands out: the need for a message of hope and encouragement. Your Guardian Angel’s Gift is Christine’s answer to that need. This tasteful and sensitive full-color gift book offers a poem that Christine, herself a cancer survivor, penned to remind herself that there is no force on earth more powerful than hope—and hope comes from God. The unforgettable message of this simple book will go straight to the heart of anyone facing adversity.