21 Days to a Healthy Heart

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Heart-Related Disease Claims One Million Lives a Year. Is Cholesterol Really the Culprit? Did you know that: * Most people who die of heart disease have low or average blood cholesterol. * Lowering your cholesterol below 200 will not protect you from a heart attack. * Eggs and butter do not raise blood cholesterol. * Refined sugar—not cholesterol—causes heart disease. * Low-fat diets increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. * Trans fatty acids in margarine and vegetable shortening promote inflammation and deadly blood clots in the arteries. * Strenuous exercise may increase your risk of a heart attack. With well over ten years of research in cardiovascular nutrition, Alan Watson refutes the current medical hypothesis that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease. Rather, he provides compelling historical and scientific evidence that refined sugar, highly processed foods, margarine and shortening, and following the nutritional advice from “leading authorities” in government and medicine have cost us dearly. He analyzes the role of carbohydrates, fats, and protein in diabetes and heart disease and provides specifics on what to eat and what not to eat for heart health. A One-of-a-Kind Book on Understanding, Preventing, and Reversing Diet-Related Heart Disease.