Every Body Has Parasites

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Do you have a chronic health problem that you just can't shake off? Perhaps you have intestinal problems that come and go? Or you’re tired all the time and feel depressed? Have you consulted with a physician but not found an answer? It is very possible that the cause of what you are experiencing is directly due to parasites. Don’t cling to the notion that parasites are limited to the Third World. Parasitic experts estimate that there are between 100 and 130 common parasites being hosted in the American populace today, and a recent health report stated that 85 percent of Americans are infected with parasites. The trick is that the symptoms caused by parasites are subtle because they are experienced commonly by people without parasites, and the vast majority of health-care professionals have little training in diagnosing these masters of disguise and concealment. If you’re alive, you’re at risk of this hidden crisis that is damaging millions of people needlessly today. It is a lot easier to become a parasitic host than you think! VALERIE SAXION, N.D., is one of America’s most recognized champions of nutrition and natural healing, and she will help you conquer ailments that may be associated with this often hidden crisis. A talented veteran of health science with a primary focus in Naturopathy, she is the host of a weekly television program that airs worldwide, a featured columnist, lecturer, and author of seven health specific books.