Split Second Survival FIRST SHOT Self-Defense DVD

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Split Second Survival FIRST SHOT Self-Defense DVD FIRST SHOT is the most intensive, realistic and effective program that you will ever experience. As in the other series, there are no joint locks, take downs, punches, or throws, and it intends to dispel the myths and misconceptions so many instructors teach. The reason they are not taught is the same reason as hand-to-hand and knife, these techniques are not effective. Joint locks, take downs, punches and throws require intensive training and have only a slight possibility of working successfully in a realistic situation. When dealing with firearms your life is on the line. ONE MISTAKE AND YOU ARE DEAD! First Shot teaches defense against pistols and rifles, single and double handgrips, and multiple weapons. I am absolutely certain that the quality, the realism, and the effectiveness of this program will change the way you think about firearm self-defense forever!