About us

Bronze Bow Publishing is recognized as a leader in helping men and women achieve their ultimate potential in functional athletic strength, fitness, natural muscular development, and all-around superb health and youthfulness. Our books, videos, newsletters, websites, and training seminars bring the best, most comprehensive, scientifically validated programs ever created. Our goal is to empower you! To arm you with the best possible knowledge in all facets of strength and personal development so that you can make the right choices that are appropriate for you.

We also offer many books to help Christians apply biblical truth in all areas of life—whether through a well-told story, a gift book, or a Christian living book. We are diligently committed to offering the best in editing, design and marketing to make each book as inspiring, challenging, enjoyable and attractive as it can be.

So join us as we bring you the finest in health-building information, natural strength-training strategies, and Christian teaching to help you reach your ultimate potential.

Bronze Bow Publishing
based in Minneapolis, MN