Breaking Through to Freedom

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It’s not about what you can’t do. It’s about who you can be! Wherever I travel, I see a world full of hungry young hearts that get deceived, trapped, and enslaved to promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. And I deal with the devastating physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual effects of these bondages. But I’ve also talked with countless young men and women who have chosen a higher road to walk and are setting a new trend that is transforming thousands of lives—saying yes to real life and no to all the negative trappings that surround them. Saying no to drugs, no to alcohol, no to sex before marriage, no to tobacco, and no to all the inevitable adverse effects on their bodies and relationships. Saying yes to freedom, yes to joy and happiness, and yes to a future with limitless possibilities. It’s your life . . . and it can be awesome. The choice is yours! DR. SCOT CRESSMAN has an M.A. in Licensed Professional Counseling and a Ph.D. in counseling. Throughout college he played football, then went on to free agency in the NFL. For several years he has traveled with the Power Team, the number-one anti-drug and abstinence school assembly program in the country, and has spoken to tens of thousands of students worldwide.