Discover the Bible

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Discover Your Best Life Now! Discover the Bible!

The Best 20 Minutes of Your Day…

Today, thousands are discovering new promise for their lives by unpacking the treasure we know as the Bible. That's right. The Bible. God's Holy Word.

Sometimes it seems like the world is spinning out of control. Our lives, too.

And yet, there is hope and meaning and a whole lot of truth to be found in the Bible. As relevant today as ever before. And maybe even more needed.

Discover the Bible is a way of getting into the scriptures that works. It's a plan that offers just enough structure to keep you focused and encouraged as you take in everything God wants you to know about Him and His plan for you. Using the easy-to-read New King James translation, Discover the Bible helps you through God's Word - the entire book! - in just one year. You can do it on your own, or be supported by a few friends or your entire church. All along the way you'll enjoy deeply inspirational readings that accompany what you're studying. They're certain to touch your heart and bring you closer to God. 

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