G.U.T.S. The Ultimate 24/7 Body Sculpting Training System

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Welcome to G.U.T.S, the world’s simplest and most effective Health, Strength, and Bodybuilding System. The acronym stands for: General Universal Training System. John Peterson created G.U.T.S. to be a foundational component to every person’s daily strength and fitness training strategy. Because this program has been created to deliver fantastic results in minimum time, you will be doing only 4 ultra effective exercises that deliver maximum results in minimum time. That means just three dynamic exercises that work your muscles synergistically in groups. Peterson has “forged” these first three exercises into a Power Circuit, eliminating the need for rest periods. It involves 12 minutes of concentrated bodybuilding incorporated with 12 minutes of cardiovascular/pulmonary training for complete and synergistic body fitness. All the guesswork is gone! This program has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to produce superior results, on the hurry up! What that means is this. While you are resting one group of muscles, you will be working another unrelated group, giving the first group time to recuperate. Then, with your biceps, triceps, and forearms already pre-exhausted from the Power Circuit of three exercises, Peterson gives you a fourth exercise that will not only work your biceps, triceps, and forearms, but will also strengthen, sculpt, and build every muscle in your entire upper body, including your abdominal muscles. Altogether, you will work up to exercising 24 minutes, nonstop! Don’t let its simplicity fool you. For the time invested—just 24 minutes of each day—it delivers the most thorough, measurable, comprehensive, and sustainable results of any program in the history of natural health, strength, and bodybuilding! And it lays the perfect foundation for super health, strength, and lifelong virility by combining the latest in exercise science with the same extraordinary methods of body-weight, self-resistance strength training that are the hallmark of Peterson’s Transformetric System.
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