Get a Grip

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Everyone faces those dreaded “What should I do?” moments that tighten the stomach and deliver brain-pain. How do I:

— Fix a difficult people problem.
— Decide whether or not to accept a challenge.
— Solve an organizational problem.
— Balance personal and professional commitments.
— Restructure a business.

In Get a Grip, business and organizational expert Al Horner offers his own personal, time-proven checklist that will empower you to analyze and diagnose difficult situations and set a successful direction. Get a Grip is problem-solving made easy.

For over 30 years Al Horner has been successfully restructuring businesses and non-profits tuning them into profitable companies and highly effective organizations. The keys are 1) his unique “Checklist” that helps him identify where the biggest problems are in an organizations; and his 2) “Pearls” that guide him toward right actions.

Get a Grip offers the “blueprint for change” Al has used over and over to bring positive change to needy companies and organizations.

What Others Are Saying:

“Time-tested common sense that works.”
—Bill Sweasy, Chairman, Red Wing Shoes
“A small book with large wisdom for problem solving of all sizes.”
—Don Washburn, former Executive Vice President, Northwest Airlines
“When it comes to problem solving, Get a Grip has gotten it right.”
—Bob Stein, former President, Minnesota Timberwolves