How to Reach Your City (ebook)

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It started with a vision for communities transformed through prayer. It became a reality as thousands of women joined for the New York City Prayer Summits in 1997 and 1998. The book What Can One Woman Do? told the story of how that simple vision is impacting cities—and nations—today!

Over the past ten years, Janet Broling has been asked repeatedly to explain the simple model that the Lord gave to gather thousands of women in the metropolitan New York City area for the prayer summits. How to Reach Your City is the answer—an event planner that reduces a complex strategy for reaching people to a simple model and gives a step-by-step formula from the inception of an idea to its concluding event.

The model is extremely adaptable by design. It includes ideas and directions for networking, recruitment, fund-raising, ticket sales, and other important steps. The beauty of this model is that it will adjust to any size city (or several cities at once) as well as to an entire state (or several states!). This model is yours to adapt as you seek Him, for He is the One who has revealed this simple yet amazing strategy.

Has God placed a burden upon your heart that you cannot shake? Are you waiting for someone else to solve the problem? Perhaps you are the one to co-labor with our Lord to change the situation! If so, be assured that He will guide each step of the way (Isaiah 30:21), and He is able to use you in unimaginable ways!

If God is calling, now is the time to discover what He has for you.

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