Portable Power Jumper

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Don't Jump - EXPLODE! Easy to use, the PPJ resists jumping, bounding, skating and even dive bomber and Hindu push-ups. Used with a teammate or friend, you can then resist sprinting, defensive slides, backpedaling, broad jumps, bounding and lots more! What does it train: * Improve all jumping and speed training movements * Resistance for all plyo-metric jumps and different direction running movement How does it work: * Simply put the PPJ over the back of your neck and shoulders and place your feet through the stirrups at the ends of the PPJ * Follow a proven program used by former strength coach of the Los Angeles Clippers * Can add up to three cables at one time to maximize resistance and accomodate all strength levels All levels of athletes, from middle school to professionals, can use the Portable Power Jumper. It comes with two resistive standard cables (one R4 and one R6) with 24" foam cushioned padding, two 3 in 1 cable pocket stirrups and an instructional manual by fitness expert Jon Hinds, CSCS, CPT, NASM, former strength coach of the LA Clippers