Power Push Up 3

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Voted "Best piece of exercise equipment for 2001" - Men's Health, January 2001 The Power Pushup 3 wraps padded elastic tubing around your back while you do pushups. You can add up to 240lbs more for pushups, dips, rear deltoid flys, lunges, and more. Adjustable resistance allows you to vary intensity in seconds. Build incredible upper body and core (abs, obliques and lower back) strength. Works great, easy to use, comfortable, and inexpensive. Includes: * Six 9" medium resistance cables (standard) * Padded back strap with two 3-n-1 cable pocket patented handles * Instructional manual and DVD by fitness expert Jon Hinds, CSCS, CPT, NASM, former strength coach of the LA Clippers How do you train with POWER PUSH UP 2? You can do push ups, dips, back, flys, lunges, jump squats, squats, & lots more! Who uses it? All fitness enthusiasts who like to stay in great shape! How does it work: -For Push Ups: put the PPU3 around upper back & under arms, then grab & go. -For Dips: place the PPU3 around back of neck and over the front of shoulders...grab & go. What's the great thing about it? You can use it anywhere... inside or outside, home or on your lunch break!