The Trinity of Health and Fitness DVDs

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Imagine a strength, flex, and cardio training routine that slims, shapes, and sculpts your entire body in just 15 minutes a day. Imagine a program you can do anywhere, anytime. Now, how about a program that covers every muscle group from your neck to your toes and delivers visible results in as little as three weeks.

In The Trinity of Health and Fitness: Secrets to Lifelong Strength and Youthfulness, strength and fitness pros John Peterson and Wendie Pett have taken the very best of the revolutionary Transformetrics™ Ultimate Training System and designed a program guaranteed to get you to your lean and powerful best—in just minutes a day!

This dynamite two DVD set includes:

  • A complete overview of the Transformetrics™ Ultimate Training System, the ultimate strength and fitness program for both men and women. You’ll learn how to use Transformetrics’ four distinct exercise types to maximize your strength and fitness potential while power sculpting your body to its God-given best.
  • Exclusive 15-minute workouts designed specifically for men and women. Workouts include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions of the three distinct levels for each exercise. You set the pace, you choose the exercise level that works for you.
  • Special Bonus: John e. Peterson’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge. You’ll be amazed as you watch John perform back to back: 300 consecutive Tiger Stretch Push-ups, 300 consecutive Tiger Bend Squats—and end with a five-minute Nose-to-Mat Bridge!

The Trinity of Health and Fitness two-DVD set is the one program that will help you reach your natural, God-given strength and fitness potential. Whether its slimming down and shaping up or building your maximum functional strength, athletic fitness, and natural muscularity, Trinity is the Ticket. You’ll achieve the stamina you’ve always wanted in less time than it requires to drive to a gym and change into exercise clothes. Feel what it’s like to have twice as much energy as you ever thought you’d have. And, best of all, you can follow this method just as easily on the road as you can at home.