Ultimate Anti-Aging Secrets

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A century ago, people in their late forties were considered old. Today that same age group is wrestling with mid-life issues. And while modern medicine has worked and is working to extend our life spans, what is most important is that as we age we continue to be youthful, vibrant, and healthy for all of those added years. Peter Lamas will show you today’s lifelong anti-aging secrets. Anti-aging is a total life commitment that begins with attitude, friendships, love, and romance. Combine those with the power of a nutritious diet and an abundance of vitamins and minerals, exercise, and regular use of anti-aging skin care, and you’ll roll back the years. Add in the proper amount of sleep, reduce your stress, and maintain a youthful look, and you may toast your one hundredth birthday! PETER LAMAS is Founder and Chairman of Lamas Beauty International, one of the fastest growing and respected natural beauty products manufacturers in the United States. He has been a major force in the beauty industry for more than 30 years. His expertise in the areas of hair care, skin care, and makeup has given him a client list that reads like a who’s who of celebrities.